Help #RockEmSOCKEm This Season

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rock em sock em winnipeg

Winnipeg is known for its harsh winters, but for most of us the biting winds, below freezing temperatures, and risks of frostbite can easily be avoided by getting into our cars or bundling up in our offices or homes.

However, for people experiencing homelessness this season, winter can be a destructive and even deadly time. Without proper access to warm, safe spaces, and without extra income to buy appropriate winter gear, many people experience severe frostbite and the complications that follow.

Frostbite, which occurs when parts of the body are exposed to the cold, comes in three stages:

  • First-degree frostbite: affects the epidermis, the topmost layer of skin.
  • Second-degree frostbite: affects the epidermis and part of the dermis, the underlying layer of skin.
  • Third-degree frostbite: affects the dermis, epidermis, and the fatty tissue which lies underneath the dermis.
  • Fourth-degree frostbite: affects every layer of skin, the fatty tissues underneath the skin, and muscle, tendons, and even bones.

What Are We Doing to Help?

As Winnipeg’s professional computer repair and service experts, our goal isn’t just to provide exceptional service to our valued customers; we also want to give back to our community and support as many of our fellow citizens as possible.

That’s why we’ve signed up participate in the #RockEmSOCKEm fundraiser, and will be collecting socks and pairs of fresh underwear to help provide for our city’s most vulnerable citizens.

Last year the #RockEmSOCKEm fundraiser collected over 300 pairs of socks, but with winter looking to be colder than usual the goal this year is 1000 pairs of socks.

We challenge you to pledge to donate as few as 1 or as many pairs of socks as you’d like for every hit that Jets superstar Dustin Byfuglien takes or receives this hockey season. Ask your friends, family, and coworkers to join you in helping keep toes warm this winter and enjoy the festive, positive feeling that comes with helping those in need.

If you’d like to drop off pairs of new socks and underwear you can stop in to the drop-off location at our store, located at Unit 12A-2188 McPhillips Street.

What else can you do to get involved? Here are some extra steps you can take:

  • Join the #RockEmSOCKEm fundraiser Facebook group and Share their posts
  • Tweet about your involvement on Twitter using the #RockEmSOCKEm hashtag
  • Challenge friends and family to join you in donating socks this season
  • Stop in to Corey’s Computing and say hello as you drop off pairs of new socks

We’re excited to help collect 1000 socks for Winnipeg’s homeless this season. Please join us in this important initiative!

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