Where to bring your Notebook or Laptop for repairs in Winnipeg

Is your notebook or laptop crashing, restarting without warning, chugging on normal tasks, redirecting you to sketchy websites, or refusing to start up? Is your screen chipped, cracked, shattered, or discolored? Or maybe you just need a popped-off key replaced?

Whatever your problem, you can bring your notebooks and laptops to Corey’s Computing in Winnipeg to find the solution. Whether it’s a top-of-the-line system for business or an old personal computer years past its best, we can help you get it running the way it ought to.

Problems Corey’s Computing can help with

Computer problems come in countless forms, especially with the relatively delicate components of a notebook. Problems we’re equipped to repair include, but aren’t limited to:


When your notebook starts crashing, it’s time to see a professional. The little problem causing a blue screen here and there can quickly become a big problem forcing a complete replacement of your system, if you don’t attend to it quickly. When modern computers crash, it’s usually for a good reason—a reason you need to figure out as soon as possible.


Even the strongest laptops on the market fall short of the capabilities of a full-featured desktop. So it’s no surprise that as videos get bigger, programs get more complicated, and components get older, your notebook may start to chug. A professional once-over can do a lot to restore your computer to its original state—or help you figure out your next move, if the notebook’s reached its limit.

Security flaws

Identity theft remains a significant problem, and an unsecure notebook used on unsecured networks exposes you to huge threats. Whether you’re handling a personal computer with credit card details or personal information or a business notebook carrying client data, keeping your notebook secure against intrusions, takeovers, and ransomware should be a high priority.

Business challenges

Modern businesses need effective, secure notebooks with the latest and greatest industry-appropriate software—and they need those laptops to play nice with the rest of their systems.

Damaged screens

While modern notebooks may be better constructed than ever, accidents still happen from time to time. Replacing a damaged screen isn’t a task for amateurs, nor is it always as cost effective as you might like.

A proper solution to match your needs

In most cases, we’ll be able to help you repair your notebook and get on with your life. But even if repairs aren’t in the cards, Corey’s Computing can help you figure out the next step to getting back in business.


Depending on the problem at hand, you may need data recovery to move on. Viruses, damaged hard drives, and various other problems can all result in lost information, especially if your system is physically damaged in an accident. We can help you recover as much of what’s been lost as possible.


If it turns out the problems with your notebook aren’t related to viruses or damaged components, but simply amount to your system being too old for the task at hand, we can help you figure out an appropriate upgrade path. For some systems, that means directly updating your notebook. If that won’t work, we’ll help you identify the right laptop or notebook to meet your needs.


After we repair your notebook or help you with another solution, make sure to ask us about maintenance plans. Like any complex piece of machinery, your notebook will function better for longer if you keep up with proper maintenance. Updating software, cleaning hardware, and removing malware can keep an older notebook running like new for years.

Visit Corey’s Computing at Unit 12A – 2188 McPhillips Street, or call at 204-586-7953. info@coreyscomputing.com