10 Tips to Tighten Your Security on a Public Wifi Network

With every passing day, we are increasingly getting exposed to cyber crimes. We are standing in the third week of May’ 17 and mourning the losses and victims of the latest ransomware attack ‘Wannacry’ that wreaked havoc across the globe last Friday.

More than 200 thousand computers in over 150 countries are expectedly hit by this gruesome attack as per the reports coming in last.  The ransomware – that encrypts users’ files and documents and then demands a fee to unlock them, is defined to be the largest of its kind ever.

While security agencies continue to investigate more on its origin and define counter measures, we must accept and recognize that we are far from being safe and must try to identify and adopt measures to stay safe and secure online.

Public wifi security for instance, has taken a back seat. Perhaps we are relying too much on government and private business entities to take care but they are more focused on providing a wifi facility than a secured wifi network.

Agreed it’s fun and also relatively economical to be using a public wifi internet but it doesn’t ensure safety. We may not be aware but this network captures all our behavior while we are shortlisting products on an ecommerce site.

Customer details are then used by the retailers to analyze our shopping practices.

It’s high time we made changes to our online actions. Using a VPN connection, opting for private search engines, deploying data protection tools, avoiding file sharing, and adopting a dynamic password policy are a few things we must absorb in our day to day networking.

Remember safety begins at home.

Let’s take a look at this infographic on how to keep it safe on a public wifi network.