Top 10 Worst Excuses For Not Performing Daily Offsite Computer Backup

Daily backups have never been easier to get set up—yet many companies still hesitate to make the jump. Do any of these excuses sound familiar?

1) We aren’t sure how to get started

It’s never been easier to get set up with proper backup solutions. A quick call to Corey’s Computing can have you well on your way to reliable daily backups, even if you don’t have a clue where to start.

2) We don’t have time to back up data

Backups aren’t nearly as time-intensive today as they may once have been. In the past, off-site backup could be a time-intensive process, enough so that daily backups simply weren’t feasible for any company that didn’t need them. Cloud based backup solutions have changed that completely.

3) Natural disasters aren’t a threat to us

Many companies view regular backups as something for businesses in disaster-prone areas to consider. But there are many ways for your computer systems to become compromised; ransomware viruses, fires, hardware failures, theft of your systems, the list of digital and physical threats to on-site data go on and on.

4) We keep on-site backups

On-site backups aren’t nearly as safe as off-site backups—in many ways, they aren’t even as secure. On-site data backups can be destroyed physically by any disaster which would damage the primary data, can be stolen with relative ease, and can in many cases be more difficult to access and utilize than modern cloud-based solutions.

5) Off-site data isn’t secure enough

Cloud-based storage wasn’t always as safe as it needed to be, but modern solutions go the extra step to keep your data securely encrypted at every step of the process. Your data may be held somewhere far away, but there are plenty of solutions which will ensure no one on the other end could ever access it in a meaningful form.

6) We’re worried about lost productivity

Keeping daily backups doesn’t need to be a time-consuming hassle, nor does it need to delay your moment-to-moment operations. Modern cloud-based backup solutions operate silently in the background, backing up files without a significant draw on system resources.

7) Losing our data wouldn’t be a big deal

It may surprise you how traumatic even a single day of lost data can be to a business. Not only does it represent the loss of an entire day of work, it can complicate your relationship with clients, partners, and other entities. If you interact with other people, your lost data isn’t just your lost data—it’s other people’s time. That can have a significant effect on your reputation.

8) We don’t have dedicated IT personnel to handle it

Modern backup solutions aren’t complicated. The most basic forms of cloud-based backup are completely seamless—you won’t even need to think about them until you need them, at which point you’ll access them the same as you would your files on Google Docs or similar sites. It’s quick, it’s painless, and Corey’s Computing can help iron out the details.

9) Training our team to use backups would be difficult

Depending on the form of daily backups you choose to utilize, teaching your team to use backups can be a complete non-issue. There might be a few small habits people need to pick up to ensure data integrity and consistency across the board, but they’ll be minor things handled in a company-wide email.

10) It costs too much

It’s never been cheaper to back up your data off site. Storage space is truly inexpensive, as is the bandwidth necessary to get your data to and from data centers.