Computer Repair

Technology has made your life easier, more efficient, and made the world just a little smaller; however, it also comes with a host of “things that could possibly go wrong”. You don’t have the time nor should you have to become an expert at fixing your computer or laptop when Corey’s Computing has taken care of all those “things that could possibly go wrong” since 1992.

Whether it’s your computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone or game console; we have the dedicated staff that will get the job done.


With over 20 years of experience diagnosing computers and laptops, Corey’s Computing can do a thorough diagnostic check on your system / devices, giving you peace of mind and will give you the exact estimate, no surprises! We’ve got you covered.

 Computer and Laptop Repair

Slow running computers are our specialty – but we can also help you with annoying pop-ups, if you’ve received the dreaded “blue screen”, or if you can’t power up.

Broken Screen Repair

We’ve all had those oops moments. Bring you laptop to Corey’s Computing and let us help,

Virus Removal

Your computer seems to have a mind of it’s own and you aren’t sure whether to call the Old or New Ghostbusters. You should call Corey’s Computing instead. We can help you with virus removal and get your computer working for you.

Tune Up Packages

Like a car, computers should have regular tune ups. Maintenance of the small things can prevent bigger problems down the road. From cleaning of files to cleaning the inside the computer or laptop, Corey’s Computing offers three different tune up packages to meet your needs. Ask whether the Basic, Essentials or Advanced package is right for you.


Worried about that upgrade that you need to do? Why not let Corey’s Computing help you de-stress. Our staff are more than happy to help with an upgrade and ensure that your computer is as good as new.

Tablet Repairs

Like our laptops and computers, tablets require special care. When something goes wrong, like a cracked screen, you want to ensure it’s repair goes right.

Corey’s Computing can also help you with:

  • Cell phone repairs – from virus cleaning to cracked screens

  • Game console repair including Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo

Drop in today to have our staff see to any and all of your repair needs.