Google’s introduces new ‘Spaces’ app for sharing across Android, web, and iOS

The engineers and designers at Google have been busy bees lately, as they have just announced yet another addition to their quickly-growing app library.

The latest service is called Spaces, and is designed to improve and simplify how users share images, links, videos, and other content found and shared throughout the web. The new tool, which was announced on Google’s blog and will be available as of today as an app for iOS, Android, and the web.


One of the best benefits of using this app is because it’s already integrated with Google it remembers and tracks your searches, making it easy to share anything you’ve typed into your Google search bar with friends, family, and colleagues. Spaces also organizes and offers searched for Google-friendly content right within the app, making it easier than ever to find interesting and relevant content to share.

This is a sneaky move on Google’s part, because by integrating Spaces with their existing services, such as Google, YouTube, Chrome, and image search, users will be able to stay within their “network” of services and products as they search and share online.

How Group Messaging Benefits You

Spaces also allows for Group messaging, which appears to be one of the major features of the platform. It allows you to have conversations about all of the images, videos, and what not that you’ve shared with your group. This makes it easy to share an interesting article with your friends, or share links to accommodations with family members while planning a trip, for instance.

If you’re a business owner, Spaces also helps you find and share relevant information quickly with your team of employees or coworkers. If you find an article with some useful advice to help a co-worker solve a tricky problem, or want to share a pertinent piece of technology or industry-related news with your team, Spaces has just become the easiest way to do it.

Why Use Spaces?

One of the major issues with the wide variety of messaging apps available is that there are so many that it can feel impossible to get family members, friends, or colleagues all on the same one consistently in order to plan activities and share information.

With Spaces, Google is aiming to build a better group sharing experience, and since it’s already integrated into a variety of existing Google-owned services that many of us use day-to-day, it’s easier to corral all necessary parties into an app that’s already built into the services they’re using, anyway.

Even better, Spaces offers an extremely powerful ‘Search’ function (since it’s a Google product) which allows you to quickly search and scan your chat history and find references to itineraries, photos, videos, and other elements which may have gotten lost in the chatter of a long-term, multi-day conversation. If you’ve ever tried to plan a get-together with multiple people, then you already understand the “herding cats” feeling that was one of the driving forces behind the development of this important new app.

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