Hottest Computer Accessories and Peripherals

Wondering what’s hot in modern computer technology? Some of the biggest computer accessories and peripherals of today are wholly new and unique technologies, while others are simple improvements of familiar tech.

Memory card readers

Used in smartphones, handheld game systems, digital cameras, and dozens of other pieces of tech, memory cards are ubiquitous in the home of anyone who uses cutting edge technology on a regular basis. Combine the right memory card reader with a set of adapters, and you’ll be able to process, back up, and transfer every file on every memory card you own—whether it’s SD, microSD, miniSD, or any other variant.

VR headsets

The latest and greatest in viewing experiences, VR promises to take the experience 3D monitors offered to a new level. Technology such as the Oculus Rift allows users to experience games, movies, and interactive entertainment in never-before-seen ways. To use this type of technology, you’ll need a computer powerful enough to run the associated software without a hitch—otherwise, your headset will be nothing more than an expensive helmet!

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs)

Useful whether you’re running a business handling critical data throughout the day or trying to keep your home computer from breaking due to power surges, an uninterruptible power supply or UPS stores power and acts to keep power consistent and reliable for your computer. That means two things: your computer doesn’t have to deal with ‘dirty’ power from unreliable lines and the damage that might cause, and if there’s an outage you’ll have time to save your files and shut your computer down in a timely manner.

WiFi security cameras

Useful as a low-investment approach to security, as a way to keep an eye on pets or children throughout the day, or as a simple home video system, WiFi powered security cameras give you immense flexibility in a easy-to-use package.

Standing desks

As we grow to understand the health hazards of constant sitting, even for physically active people, more and more of us have turned to standing desks as a solution. With an adjustable standing desk, you can keep healthier, more mobile, and more focused with minimal effort. It’s better for your back, reduces all-cause mortality, and allows you to move from task to task with minimal downtime—and it’s cheaper than a premium quality computer chair.

Drawing tablets

Whether you want to take notes by hand, do digital artwork, or sign your name clearly on digital documents, a tablet gives you unparalleled natural input for your computer. You can even use a Wacom tablet as an alternative to a mouse, for a more tactile, natural computing experience.

Gaming hardware

Programmable keyboards, mice with dozens of extra buttons and extreme precision, console-style controllers—these are the tools of the modern gamer. These peripherals can be just as valuable for savvy computer users with no interest in gaming, as they’re frequently built for durability, precision, and convenience—traits any computer user can benefit from. You might need to put up with a bunch of weird lights and artwork you don’t care about, though.